1) What was the name of the icecream shop on North Cayuga St.?
Fall Creek Soda
The Strawberry Shoppe
The Tumble Inn
The Malt Shop
2) What was the #1 song according to Billboard when we graduated
Wild Thing
Paperback Writer
Ballad of the Green Berets
Good Vibrations

3) What was the #1 car in 1966?
Ford Mustang
Dodge Charger
Chevrolet Impala
4) Best movie of 1966
Georgy Girl
A man For All Seasons
Borne Free

5) Who won the 1966 world series
NY Yankeeys
Baltimore Orioles
Atlanta Braves
Brooklyn Dodgers
6) Who had the most victories in a single season?
Ted Lyons
Ferguson Jenkins
Ed Walsh
Three Finger Brown

7) By what other name was Ithaca briefly known?
8) What well known song was written in Ithaca?
Grandma Got Run Over By Some Reindeer
In the Good O'l Summertime
Puff The Magic dragon
Johnny Angel

9) What were the movie theatesr in Ithaca?
State, Ithaca, Cinamopolis, Plaza
Strand, Ithaca, State,Temple
Strand, Temple, Plaza, Cineplex
Strand, Lakeshore drive in, Ithaca, Tompkins
10) Without peeking, what was the date of our graduation?
June 21, 1966
June 22, 1966
June 25, 1966
June 20, 1966